Recherche et innovation

Notre recherche est dédiée au développement d’innovations pratiques et accessibles pour les personnes présentant des vulnérabilités de mouvement et de posture qui peuvent être commercialisées directement auprès des personnes à risque et de ceux qui les traitent.

2020-2021 – Excellence in research award, Quebec Network for Research on Aging ($1000CAD)

2020 – PhysioBiometrics won first place in Health Sciences category at 2020 edition of McGill’s Dobson Cup powered by National Bank.

2019 – Walk-BEST (previously known as a Walk-Well), part of PhysioBiometrics Inc., won 2019 Montreal region competition from AGE-WELL National Impact Challenge: Startup Edition. (

2019 – Canadian Gerontology Association Conference, Moncton, Canada ($500CAD)

2019 – 2nd prize Canadian Association of Geriatrics, Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada ($250CAD)

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  • Excellence in research award, Quebec Network for Research on Aging 2020-2021 ($1000CAD)
  • 1st prize Canadian Gerontology Association Conference, October 2019 Moncton, Canada ($500CAD)
  • 2nd prize Canadian Association of Geriatrics May 2019 Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada ($250CAD)

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AGE-WELL NCE National Hackathon competition finalist – Heel2Toe sensor, Winnipeg, Canada 2017

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