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We had the privilege to present our enterprise, PhysioBiomtrics Inc., at #LavalInnov#walkingforhealth #Innovation #wearables

At this conference, Nancy Mayo, PhD., And Ahmed Abou-Sharkh, physiotherapist, presented research that explains walking disorders and the risks associated with “compensation” methods.

They also presented 10 strategies, developed in collaboration with Parkinson Québec, to help people living with Parkinson’s disease optimize their walking method and prevent falls.

McGill Dobson Cup Winner!!

Health Sciences

First Place: Physio Biometrics

Dedicated to the development of practical and accessible innovations for people with movement and posture vulnerabilities that can be marketed directly to those at risk and those who treat them.

Walk-BEST while practicing social/physical distancing

Walk-BEST WorkbookThis book is for anyone who needs to improve one or more aspects of walking: quality, quantity and enjoyment.

The Walk-BEST Workbook includes:

  • Self-assessment plan with pictures and step by step instructions on how to perform the assessment.
  • Set of exercises that match the walking element assessed with pictures.
  • Instructions for how to access an app that you can use on your phone or iPad.

Find out more about the Walk-BEST Workbook.

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Chair-Based Exercise Programme

This video was created by health care professionals at Oxford-Brookes University.  It is especially suited for people with restricted mobility who can’t get out an exercise.  Provided to Physiobiometrics by Dr. Helen Dawes