Walk-BEST Knee Support

Does knee pain interfere with your activities and affect your quality of life?

The Walk-BEST Knee Support Band provides therapy in every step as you will learn how to walk in the best way to prevent and relieve knee pain as well as having your knee supported by a soft-band that wraps around the lower part of the knee.  The band supports the structures of the knee during movement preventing or reducing pain during weight-bearing or repetitive activities of the leg.  The foam cushion on the inside of the band puts pressure on the patellar tendon and helps keep the band in place even with strenuous activities.  The dual Velcro attachment passes through a loop and allows for comfortable and consistent support around the knee and easily adjusts to different leg sizes.

Important Features

  • THERAPY in every step. The benefits of the Walk-BEST Knee Support Band is that it comes with an insert on how to WALK BEST (BEtter, faster, longer, STonger) so you can protect your knees during everyday walking and strengthen muscles needed to develop optimal walking.
  • RELIEVES KNEE PAIN – Walk-BEST Knee Support Band is designed to relieve pain from arthritis, menisci and cartilage damage, patellar tendonitis and bursitis, damaged ligaments and tendons, and other soft tissue and sport-related injuries. The support provided to the tendons and ligaments around the knee joint can reduce inflammation caused by damage or from repetitive movements.
  • PREVENTS KNEE PAIN – Walk-BEST Knee Support Band can also help prevent knee pain that can occur from strenuous and repetitive weight bearing activities such as hiking and sports.
  • RECOMMENDED for activities involving weight bearing or repetitive activities including walking, climbing stairs, hiking, biking, running, or playing sports on land or in the water.
  • NOT RECOMMENDED for wearing while sitting for long periods or sleeping.
  • COMFORTABLE – Walk-BEST Knee Support Band provides comfortable support for tendons and ligaments around the knee. The padding stays firm during activity providing need support during all terrain walking and sports.
  • ADJUSTABLE straps make the fit snug to provide excellent support for patellar tendon and ligaments during weight bearing activities. It should be tight enough that it does not slip down while you are moving around and tight enough that you can feel it’s support. You should be able to easily slide a ruler between the band and your skin but not your finger.
  • HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE – The high-quality materials used in the manufacturing of the Walk-BEST Knee Support Band gives durability. Hand washing will remove perspiration and keep it fresh for regular use.

Also available from PhyioBiometrics Inc. by emailing support@physiobiometrics.com