Walk-BEST Calendar


2024: Moving Forward with Better Mobility!

Help for setting and meeting New Year’s resolutions for people with mobility challenges.

Walking is one of the most convenient ways of keeping physically active and is associated with longevity and quality of life. Unfortunately, with illness, aging, or injury, people develop suboptimal ways of walking, which can become tiring and even dangerous.

The Walk-BEST Calendar was created by physiotherapists specializing in walking dynamics to help seniors and others who face mobility challenges. Much more than just a simple calendar, it offers a tailored approach to address each person’s unique needs. Inside, you’ll find a wealth of practical advice, step-by-step instructions on how to choose and set goals, illustrated routines, and entertaining activities to keep both the body and mind active. Let the Walk-BEST Calendar help you walk BEtter, faster, longer, STronger (BEST)!

Important Features

  • Designed by physiotherapists to keep you the BEST you can be, and active and confident.
  • Each BEST step will strengthen muscles, improve balance, and lead to a positive walking experience. 
  • Agenda style book makes it easy to keep it near at hand.
  • Use the calendar pages to keep track of your goals and your dates, appointments, and events. 
  • Over 40 exercise illustrations are provided, along with corresponding demonstration videos via scannable QR codes. 
  • Each month also features entertaining games, activities, and challenges.
  • Unique stickers are included to help you choose and track your goals.

Also available from PhyioBiometrics Inc. by emailing support@physiobiometrics.com