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Do I need to be connected to the internet to use my device?2023-05-26T20:46:55-04:00

In order to send data to step.physiobiometrics.com, the Android app must be connected to the Internet through wi-fi or cellular

I can’t hear 3 beeps during calibration.2023-05-26T20:47:21-04:00

Reset the device by following  the power off and power on procedures.

My sensor is making a continuous long beep after trying to calibrate.2023-05-26T20:52:38-04:00

Reset the device by following  the power off and power on procedures. This is an issue with some devices. If it happens too often, Contact Physiobiometrics Inc. for a replacement.

I think my sensor beeps too much.2023-05-26T20:52:58-04:00

Increase the steps threshold. Make sure you are set the step  threshold recommended by our walking specialists.

How long can I use my sensor before charging?2023-05-26T20:53:22-04:00

Older devices last 30 minutes. We have upgraded the battery recently to last 2 hours. Contact Physiobiometrics Inc. for a replacement. Refer to the LED description page to learn about the battery indicators.

Can I use my sensor while I walk outside in the snow?2023-05-26T20:55:35-04:00

It is recommended that you do your training sessions in a safe environment where you can use regular training shoes, and clear of obstacles such as snow, ice, levels etc. The battery life of your sensor might also be impacted by extreme temperatures.

Do not walk in places where the beep distracts you from your surroundings.

Your health is important to us, but so is your experience with our service provided!2023-05-26T20:55:02-04:00

Whether your have a question regarding your sensor or a suggestion that you think it could improve the quality of our products, please contact us at:



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