Research Study Overview

Not everyone walks BEST (Better, faster, longer, STronger).
A biofeedback sensor, Heel2Toe™, was developed to improve how well people walk.
Walk BETTER to walk MORE.
We would like your help to test this measure.

If you agree to help us you will answer some questions about your health and function and carry out some tests of physical and cognitive capacity. The questions can be answered on a computer or we can help you with them. The testing will be done either at a community location or at a special walking laboratory at the Montreal General Hospital.

    • We will ask you about your experience with this new technology.
    • We will give you the Heel2Toe sensor to try for a month.
    • You will receive $20 for your help.

Let us know by contacting us at
Calling 514 438 722 1600

Research Flyer