Professor Nancy Mayo (Medicine, School of Physical and Occupational Therapy, RI-MUHC) is tightening up the last bolt on the Walk-BEST™ Chair installed today (November 1, 2023) at Le Cambridge, an independent living facility for seniors in Pointe Claire. The Walk-BEST chair is the invention of Professor Mayo and the team of physiotherapists with PhysioBiometrics Inc., a McGill spin-off company dedicated to developing accessible technologies so people can move better to move more. Funding from AGEWELL and the engineering expertise of DiMartech Industries made this “first-in-ground” implementation possible. Walk-BEST™ is a program of technologies and workshops enabling people to walk BEtter, faster, longer, STronger (BEST). The Chair is an outdoor exercise platform facilitating older people and people with mobility challenges to enjoy outdoor activities safely and effectively. The Chair is accompanied by a guidebook, “50 Exercises You Can Do on a Chair©” with the exercises targeting the multitude of elements needed to Walk-BEST™.