Our premier product targets walking, the most valued activity contributing to quality of life.


Recipients in this category receive $100,000 for projects which have started commercialization and have the potential to go further.

PhysioBiometrics Inc. is a MedTech company dedicated to developing accessible technologies to help people with movement and posture vulnerabilities to move better to move more. Every person at one point in their lifetime will experience change or deterioration in capacity to move owing to illness, accident, injury, or aging. There is no country that can meet the needs of their population in terms of services to prevent and rehabilitate the sequelae of accidents, injuries, illness and aging. Technology is poised to fill this gap and our company is poised to provide simple and accessible technologies targeting movement quality to enable people to move more. Our premier product targets walking, the most valued activity contributing to quality of life. The Heel2ToeTM sensor (Class I Medical Device) automates a strategy that physiotherapists use to improve the quality of a person’s gait, giving verbal instruction and feedback to place the heel first when walking. This simple “heel first” strategy changes a stooped, shuffling walking pattern to one that is upright and striding. The positive auditory feedback provided in real time while the person is walking is known to stimulate neural connections and, through neuroplasticity, stamps in a more optimal and repeatable walking pattern. We have published evidence of efficacy potential and results of a randomized trial will be published shortly. The sensor combined with supporting educational products in our Walk-BESTTM line (BEtter, Faster, Longer, STronger) will make self-management of walking challenges a reality and support remote monitoring and rehabilitation of gait related impairments by therapists.

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